Whatuni Mobile App


The Problem

Once users used the product to quickly find their course, they rarely returned to use the product a second time. This created a quality issue for the referrals that Whatuni sends to its university partners, which is its main source of revenue.


I first completed an analysis to identify the ratio of returning users to the product. It occurred to me & the team that in order to increase the number of returning users, the brand needed to create reasons for users to register, so that more sophisticated behavioral tracking could be used to power remarketing campaigns designed to bring the user back to the product. My analysis also showed that the majority of users were using mobile devices to access the website, and these users were growing exponentially. I concluded that the best solution was to build a mobile app so that users could register and receive tailored push and email notifications encouraging them to use the product multiple times to help them make more informed choices when selecting their courses.

My role

On behalf of the business, I was the main point of contact and owned the project from ideation through to development and final release. My role was to constantly analyze, define, and verify the functional requirements of the project. I represented the user and business owners, ensuring the project hit its objectives.



The app was successfully launched in the iOS and Play stores, generating 70,000 new user registrations, and increased the number of returning users by over 300%. The search and matching system helped users to make more informed decisions when selecting courses which has improved the quality of leads that the business sends to its university partners.

What was learnt

  • The project was the first time the team used Agile methodology to develop a product. This inevitably had some teething issues but resulted in a much more flexible product development allowing us to adapt much more effectively to late changes. Whatuni now routinely uses Agile methodology to develop product changes.
  • The strict deadline for launch meant that there was little time for testing prototypes with users. This meant that unforeseen usability issues could only be identified and fixed post launch at the cost of reprioritizing other roadmap items. This highlights the importance of usability testing the product with users.


We created a sophisticated search and match system to help the user find courses better suited to their individual requirements.


Product Description

Whatuni is an online platform that helps users find and research universities and courses in the UK. The product offers a combination of a sophisticated search tool, coupled with guidance advice, designed to assist users throughout the UK university application process.

Project goal & Success measures

  • To help users make more informed choices when selecting their courses
  • To increase the number of returning users
  • To Increase the number of user registrations