Student analytics dashboard


The Problem

The UK application process for universities is long and complex. This often results in teachers and career advisors feeling overwhelmed and unable to offer personalized advice and guidance to their students.


After completing an analysis with the student outreach team who maintained excellent relationships with teachers and career advisors, it was clear that an opportunity existed to create a new product that incentivized teachers to recommend their students register and complete their university and course research on the company’s existing products such as Whatuni. In return the teachers and career advisors would be able to track the activity of their students and get key insights into their personalized needs, allowing them to create tailored advice.

My role

As a Senior Product Manager at the time, I had direct responsibility for the project delivery and was the main point of contact for Product and for the business, owning the project from ideation through to development and final release.



In its first year the dashboard was used by over 100 teachers and careers, who in return helped to create over 3000 new registrations on course search websites such as Whatuni. The product helped the student outreach team to strengthen their partnerships with teachers and careers advisors and increase product brand awareness in the sector.

What was learnt

  • The formation of an advisory group of teachers ensured that the project solved the B2B objectives set by the business.
  • The delay to the release helped me to develop a better understanding of how to create back up plans so that we could adapt to late requests and changes to the project.
  • The project was the first large scale project that focused primarily on B2B development. Improved my B2B stakeholder management and communications skills during this project.


We created a simple analytics dashboard with clear data visualization at its heart. This is to help non-technical users understand and analyze their data.


Product Description

The Student analytics dashboard for Career Advisors is an online analytics dashboard designed to help teachers and career advisors track student searches and course application journeys on online course search websites. The dashboard offers detailed data and trend analyses, and personalized lesson planning and structuring recommendations for teachers.

Project goal & Success measures

  • To build better relationships with teachers and careers advisors who in turn would promote the existing course search products to their students.
  • To increase the number of user registrations.
  • To Increase the number of teacher and career advisor registrations as admin users.