Postgraduate Search redesign


The Problem

Users struggled to understand the complexity and variety of Postgraduate courses available to them. This coupled with a poor user experience led to poor conversion rates and decreasing organic traffic from search engines.


After completing an analysis with the SEO and UX Researchers, it quickly became apparent that the product was failing to adequately explain the postgraduate application process to users. This led to high bounce rates which we determined were having a detrimental impact on SEO. We concluded that the website content structure needed to be rewritten to help users understand the postgraduate process more easily. This led us to agree to a new redesign of the website.

My role

As Head of Product, I managed a team of Product Managers and UX Researchers who worked on this project. On behalf of the business, I had overall responsibility for the project delivery and delivery of the strategic goals and objectives.


The relaunch of the Postgraduate Search website resulted in organic traffic increases of 40%, and a 26% increase in revenue within 12 months. The number of completed searches increased significantly in this period whilst the bounce rate decreased, suggesting that the redesign helped alleviate user confusion with the postgraduate terminology.

What was learnt

  • The user research was vital to being able to understand frustrations and identify the confusion users reported with the postgraduate terminology and qualifications.
  • The “Coffee shop” usability testing allowed for constant but swift iterations to the design and requirements meaning that more feedback could be incorporated before the development began.
  • The development of the project meant that other important items had to be deprioritized. In hindsight it would have been better to dedicate fewer engineering resources to the project and delay the launch to complete other important projects simultaneously.




Product Description

Postgraduate Search is a website that helps users find and research Postgraduate courses at universities in the UK. The product offers a comprehensive search and contains extensive course and university data to guide users through the application process.

Project goal & Success measures

  • To help users understand the Postgraduate process more effectively.
  • To increase the conversion of rate of user referrals to university partners.
  • To Increase the organic traffic from search engines.