Floodlight website rebrand


The Problem

Due to a governmental policy change, funding for local colleges was dropped resulting in a severe drop in popularity of the courses they offered. Floodlight’s main revenue at the time came from sending referral leads to these local colleges. The drop in popularity of these courses resulted in a large traffic and conversion drop for the Floodlight website.


As Head of Product, I completed an analysis with my team of Product Managers, and other stakeholders to determine the severity of the traffic and conversion drop, and come up with a new strategy to save the Floodlight brand. We determined Floodlight needed to change and prioritize local “fun & leisure,” and apprenticeship courses to users, as these were not subject to the UK government funding cuts.

My role

As Head of Product, I managed a team of Product Managers and Designers who worked on this project. This was a large and complex project of large commercial and strategic importance, therefore had overall responsibility for the project delivery and delivery of the strategic goals and objectives.



The rebrand and launch led to an initial increase in bookings, referrals, and conversion rates. However, the organic traffic remained stagnant at first and we believe this was due to key SEO requirements being deprioritized and omitted from the launch. Overall, the project was deemed a minor success as the website was profitable and continued to help users find local “fun & leisure” courses. Floodlight has since been sold and incorporated into https://www.findcourses.co.uk/

What was learnt

  • The project deadline change impacted the project delivery and meant we needed to adapt and amend the project scope and MVP.
  • It would have been preferable to allocate time to usability test the prototypes with real users to identify pain points and usability issues.
  • If time allowed, it would have been beneficial to release a product BETA so that we could improve the CRO of the product further using A/B and multi-variate tests. These were not completed until after the relaunch.


We focused on creating new ways for users to filter and customize their results to create a more personalized experience.


  • Floodlight

Product Description

Floodlight was a website that allowed users to search for part-time and leisure courses hosted by local colleges and private companies. It has since been sold and incorporated into Findcourses.co.uk

Project goal & Success measures

  • To help users find and book local “fun & leisure” & apprenticeship courses.
  • To increase the revenue of Floodlight through bookings and web referrals.
  • To Increase the organic traffic from search engines.