Content hub profiles


The Problem

The Hotcourses Group sales team needed new and more effective inventory that they could sell to university clients helping them boost their student recruitment. Additionally, the traditional university profiles that were sold and featured on the company course search products were outdated and producing a diminishing level of return in user web referrals.


After monitoring industry trends and speaking to users, it became clear to me that prospective students were interested in absorbing richer data such as videos, infographics, and peer generated content, to help them decide between universities. This coincided with concerns raised by the sales team that new inventory to sell was needed to help clients with their student recruitment.

My role

This project was an important new source of revenue for the company and spanned across several of its existing products, I as Head of Product took an active role and had direct responsibility for the project delivery. I was the main point of contact for Product and for the business, owning the project from ideation through to development and final release.



In its first year the “content hubs” helped contribute to an increase in over £1.3 Million revenue across all of the course search websites. The avg. time on page and bounce rates also improved significantly when compared to the predecessor pages we were replacing.

What was learnt

  • The usability session with university clients led to more feedback and project changes than anticipated. This created a challenge for the designs and functional to deliver to the multiple engineering teams on time.
  • This project helped me to improve my communication and collaboration with multiple engineering teams simultaneously.


We created a design filled with rich content that universities could showcase to users, bolstering the quality of their student recruitment portfolio.

The designs are best viewed on the live websites.

Example 1 Example 2


Product Description

A “content hub” profile is a page where universities aim to attract prospective student applications through rich content and media. This was a new sales inventory item created by the Hotcourses Group that could be purchased and implemented across their multiple course search products such as: Hotcourses Abroad, Whatuni, and Postgraduate Search.

Project goal & Success measures

  • To provide users with richer content helping them to decide between different universities.
  • To increase the company revenue from inventory sold to university partners.
  • To Increase the number and quality of student leads/referrals sent to university partners.